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Hello, I’m Gary Hanna, and I am your problem solver. I’ve worked in the Real Estate industry for approximately 20 years and have been with Stockton Mortgage for 13 years. Our company is unique in that, as brokers, we deal with institutional lenders for those refinance or purchase loans that fit into their programs. Institutional loans require high credit scores, provable income, good job history, and normally have a low rate with a long repayment term.

Since many loans don’t fit into the institutional criteria, I also work with investors to arrange privately financed loans. Private finance usually requires a higher interest rate and a larger down payment, but it has the ability to look outside the box. These are normally what we call “non-conforming loans”, and most of the time, a bank won't lend on them.

My expertise includes purchases or refinancing home loans, commercial loans, construction loans, and business loans. The “A” paper loans are done painlessly. However, I can help even when you have less than perfect credit.

In today’s world of finance, we are in unprecedented market conditions. Many have lost all equity in their homes, and are now what we call in the trade, “Underwater”. Banks require equity to do a refinance. Since so many people are “Underwater”, I offer the option of a loan modification. I negotiate with your present lender to help reduce your interest rate and lower your monthly payment. Many people have tried doing this themselves. However, let me put my many years of experience to work for you to help you get the absolute best deal possible.

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